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Introduction To Spring Power

How to push someone 100 lbs heavier than you effortlessly using Bowing Power

How to push someone 100 lbs heavier than you effortlessly using Whipping Power

Spring Power Guarantee


Spring Power training will improve an individual's health and reduce the potentials for injuries. For older people, the program helps with aging diseases such as arthritis and bursitis and greatly improves one’s balance and alignment.


Spring Power principles are applicable to any sport giving you a distinct advantage over the competition. Efficient use of energy provides enhanced results with less effort. Since less effort is required, your endurance will increase.


Spring Power will show you how to put more power into your punches and kicks with less effort.


My name is Roland Murdock. I’m a Master Instructor in the art of Songahm Taekwondo with forty eight years of Martial Arts experience. In October 2019 I was honored to be invited to a workshop on the discoveries of Spring Power. The presenter and the host had great knowledge of martial arts and human anatomy. My first impression was that they had simply mastered the art or skill of rooting and uprooting. After further discussion and practical applications I began to see the difference. Though the brief introduction I had with Spring Power I believe that thru proper training and guidance one could accomplish better health, more flexibility and as a result more power. As an individual born in the 50’s and now in my 60’s, I was most impressed with the ability to stand from a sitting position almost effortlessly once instructed on how to do so using Spring Power. As we age we tend to use our arms and back more to stand versus using our legs. Over time we have lower back pain and loose strength in our legs. I’m proud to see such great martial artist not only still studying and advancing in skill and knowledge but doing great things to help people live healthier, happier and better lives.

Murdock’s Taekwondo USA

Thank you so much for presenting Spring Power to me!

When I was first approached about Spring Power, I was very skeptical on what you were saying Spring Power could do for me. You told me my centerline which is my head , spinal column and tailbone could generate more power then muscle with less effort. You demonstrated the Spring Power Push. I was left speechless!

I am currently being trained in all areas of Spring Power (Health, Sports, Self-Defense) and I am amazed on how using my centerline can be so effective, in so many areas of my life. Since starting my training, I have demonstrated the Spring Power push to family, friends and co-workers. The result are always the same. They are left speechless and amazed on how I can generate so much power, with very little effort.

I Highly recommend Spring Power to all ages. I am currently learning golf swing, baseball hitting & pitching, football throwing and self-defense with a Zero inch punch.

Oh, by the way I am 66 years old and all of my Spring Power push demonstrations have been against people at least 25 years younger and one person was as much as 100 pounds heavy then me. The results were always the same. I won the push demonstration every time. Thanks once again for getting me involved in Spring Power training.

Michael G.

I got to see a small demonstration of Spring Power in person, after watching a brief description of the body mechanics behind this concept. I watched a 66yr old male use Spring Power on a 43yr old male and while using this concept he easily knocked the 43yr old backwards and off balance. I could see that he really didn’t use any muscle just the move displayed in the video.

It was truly amazing and honestly left me in awe, definitely wanting to learn more about it!

As a female and a mother, I really want to learn all I can about Spring Power because I know without any doubt that it would be beneficial especially when it comes to self defense!

Thank you,

Chrystal H.

I have always had trouble with balance in general. I thought of the center of my foot was the ball. It took a little time to think of the middle of my foot to be the well point; and it never crossed my mind that the direction of my tailbone would have anything to do with balance.

Sure enough, as I watched you (and the diagrams and the skeleton which help tremendously) I quickly realized this was the problem I’ve been dealing with. I have spent most of my life transferring my weight from front to back—and now I settle in the middle. I also appreciated that in #20 you mention what NOT to do.

Soooooo very helpful.

Thanks again.

Respectfully, Theresa A.

Your title : Health, Sports and Self Defense really sums it up for me.

I like the short videos that are labeled for a particular movement. I can refer back to that movement easily when I need to. The introduction determines the importance of the centerline. That also relates to me as good posture, strength and correct movement. I was recently diagnosed with osteopenia so movement of the spine and being in alignment is very very important. This may be something that helps others with osteopenia/osteoporosis issues. I wonder if you could do a demonstration for Oestostrong where I belong for bone health. They stress balance and safe movement.

Overall the presentations were very functional and simple. But taking the lesson into your body and life takes practice as I am trying to do with all movements from sitting correctly to standing and all safe movement.

I am not a golfer but I can understand how well suited sound alignment is for a golfer. And for self defense moves - the power from the centerline source is much more impactful than the extremities, as demonstrated. …I think these videos are beneficial to anyone overall and enjoyed learning from them myself.

Thank you!

Marley B.