Frequently Asked Questions

One of the main tenets of Spring Power is, "Do, Let go". Each move has an active side and a release side. When moves are done this way, you release tension within the body with each move. This "Do, Let go" action is tied to your breathing in the Spring Power exercises. When you breath, you actively inhale and then when you let go the exhale happens on its own. All the exercises in Spring Power are gentle stretching exercises that when synchronized with your breathing lead to the movement assisting your breathing and your breathing assisting your movement.

If you want to learn how to develop the four basic punches in boxing: the jab, the cross, the hook, and the uppercut, those can be learned fairly quickly. The strategy of boxing an opponent takes longer. This is also true for other "hard" martial arts including karate and kung fu.

Unlike these "hard" martial arts, Spring Power does not teach you how to hit or kick your opponent. The basic premise of self defense in Spring Power is to touch the opponent as lightly as possible, immediately control their balance and then drop them on their head. If you can do this then you have a lot of options as to how lethal you want to be. This level of boxing takes a very long time to learn. Spring Power self defense teaches that you are not a battering ram but a spring mechanism.

These principles hold true for any "contact" sport including football. An offensive or defensive lineman learning these principles would dominate their opponents.

Any. Spring Power teaches the most efficient body mechanics which includes understanding how to integrate the skeletal structure with the muscles, tendons and ligaments to create energy releasing power. It doesn't matter what sport you play, Spring Power will teach you how to do it more efficiently giving you more power for less effort.

In all my years of study I have never read, seen or heard of a system that reflects the principles of Spring Power. The closest system would be T'ai Chi Ch'uan. But I have never read any book on T'ai Chi that presents a system for developing energy releasing power like Spring Power does. I believe this system is truly a revolutionary movement and power development system unlike any other.