$10,000 Challenge Contest Rules

Rules for the Spring Power vs. Muscle Power Challenge Contest

  1. This is a fundraising challenge contest for the benefit of the Men’s Group Against Cancer. The loser will donate the money to them in the name of the winner. There are two $5,000.00 pushes. When I push the challenger, if they are moved off their spot, they donate the money. If they are not moved off their spot, I donate the money. It’s the same when they push me.
  2. Push is directed at the other person’s centerline at a slightly downward angle. No getting underneath and pushing upwards or pushing right-left.
  3. The push is done in a front stance also called a boxing stance.
  4. Push lasts for 4 seconds.
  5. When I am pushing, the challenger will get into their stance. I will do 2 pushes, a muscle push and a Spring Power push to demonstrate the difference between the two. The muscle push doesn’t count towards the contest.
  6. When I am being pushed, the challenger will get into their stance; I will set up on one leg and have them give me 10% of the push to make sure they are pushing directly at my centerline. When that is ok, I will tell them to give me the other 90%. No backing off and starting again, just give me the rest of your push.
  7. The challenger will be between the ages of 21 and 25 years old. They can weigh up to 235 lbs. They must be really ripped, though, six pack abs and bulging biceps, a real weightlifter.